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Nowadays the quality of food has gone badly down. According to a study the quality of food has gone down to about 33% in last 30 years. Because most of the fruits, vegetables, dairy products and eatables available in the market are full of fertilizers, pesticides, additives, colors and other harmful chemicals. Starting from soil and farming stage to the market place they are treated with harmful synthetic chemicals. Therefore it has become quite difficult to get all the required nutrients alone from the food we take routinely. Not only this, it also creates a nutritional gap in our body. In addition to this the increasing level of pollution, our life style, stress and regular intake of junk food and carbonated drinks has increased the attack of free radicals to many folds in our body.

Therefore now it has become our necessity to take good quality of food supplements regularly. Many scientific and clinical researches and trials have proved that the intake of good quality of food supplements improve our overall health and reduces the risk of many of the lifestyle diseases.

That’s why it is recommended that whether we are sick or healthy we must take food supplements regularly.

Good quality food supplements helps in---
• Increasing Body Resistance by reducing nutritional gap
• Reducing risk of Diabetes, Blood pressure, Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke
• Preventing Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, Asthma, Arthritis, Cataract etc.
• Recovering fast from chronic illnesses

There are many food supplements available in the market, but we should know and be cautious that the food supplements which are completely natural, derived from organic fruits and vegetables and free from any harmful synthetic chemicals are the best one for our perfect health. The synthetic and artificial proteins, vitamins and minerals are not only rejected by our body but they produce numerous side-effects also. It is must to keep in mind.

From where to take natural food supplements?

It is very confusing nowadays that every third company is claiming its food supplements as natural and free from synthetic chemicals. Then how can we be sure about it?

Before purchasing food supplements for ourselves we must enquire and check the following-

• It should be from a reputed manufacturer of high track record of Good Manufacturing Practices.
• The supplements must be derived from those plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs which are grown organically.
• There should not be any use of synthetic/harmful chemical in manufacturing from the farm to shop.
• Whether the supplier is preparing the supplements itself by adapting its own farming to manufacturing practices or adapting contract means.
• The supplements must be according to recommended daily allowances and highly bio-acceptable.


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