Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Intake of nuts and beans can control diabetes

According to a new study the blood sugar level of the patients with type 2 diabetes can be lowered by diets rich in nuts, beans and lentils. A group of researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital and University of Toronto have found that foods high in low- glycemic index improve chances of controlling diabetes and reducing the risk factor of cardiovascular disease.

The study was conducted with more than two hundred patients with type 2 diabetes for more than six months. They were divided into two groups. One group was given diets with low glycemic index food and the other group was kept on conventional high-cereal fiber diet.

For the study group the following low-glycemic foods were considered such as---beans, peas, lentils, nuts, pasta, briefly boiled rice, low glycemic index-bread, which include pumpernickel, rye pita, quinoa and flaxseed and breakfast cereals including large flake oat-meal and oat bran.

On the other hand the control group was given high-cereal fiber diet as whole grain breads, whole grain breakfast cereals, brown rice, potatoes with skin, whole wheat bread and crackers.

Both the groups were advised to take three servings of fruits and five servings of vegetables daily.

It has been found by researchers that the glucose level of blood was significantly decreased in the patients of low-glycemic index diet as compared with the high-cereal fiber diet. Also in the study group the level of high density lipoprotein or good cholesterol (HDL) increased significantly as compared with the patients of control group.

Therefore low-glycemic index diets could be useful as part of the management to improve glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes getting treatment with antihyperglycemic medicines...

Thus it is concluded that lowering the glycemic index of the diet improves the glycemic control and reduces the risk factor of coronary heart-disease.

It is also suggested that type 2 diabetic patients should---
1.Do regular exercise and walk a lot
2.Increase the intake of high-protein,high-fiber and nuts, beans & lentils in the
3.Control and manage stress
4.Get checked the level of glucose in blood regularly and
5.Take natural supplementation of multivitamins and Omega -3 fatty acids.


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