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Various studies have revealed that frequent exposure to these RF (Radiofrequency) radiations can lead to health related problems ranging from chronic fatigue to DNA damage. Research done by Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, California, revealed that even at low levels of RF radiation, there is evident damage to cell tissue and DNA. These radiations also reduce the competence of the immune system. Leukemia is one of the major illnesses among people living in the vicinity of cell phone towers. A study by Dr Bruce Hocking from Australia revealed that children living near cell phone towers had double the risk of childhood leukemia than those who lived at least 7 miles away from the towers. Problems like eye cancer, miscarriage, cardiac arrests and brain tumors are also common health risks of living near cell phone towers. It also leads to other relatively less serious health issues, like; sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, irritability, anxiety and depression. Some researchers argue that these harmful radiations can also lead to memory loss and infertility.
A pregnant woman and the fetus both are vulnerable because of the fact that these RF Radiations continuously react with the developing embryo, increasing cells, because of thermal heat also. When the pregnant ladies either use Mobile Phone or when illuminated with RF Radiations, the developing child can become affected, the developmental mall formation may occur.
Children are at the greatest risk, due to their thinner skulls, and rapid rate of growth. Also at greater risk are the elderly, the frail and pregnant women. Doctors from the United Kingdom have issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use cell phones, to reduce their exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation. The RF Exposure adversely affects implanted Pace Maker and becomes arhythemical. These radiations may stop Pace Maker from delivering pulses in a regular way or may generate some kind of external controlling pulse putting the patient to death.
Dangers of cell phone tower radiations are not just restricted to humans but their harmful effects, such as abnormal growth, have also been seen in animals and plants. According to Dr. W. Löscher of the Institute of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmacy of the Veterinary School of Hannover in Germany, dairy cows that were kept in close proximity to a TV and cell phone tower for two years had a reduction in milk production along with increased health problems and behavioral abnormalities. In an experiment, one cow with abnormal behavior was taken away from the antenna and the behavior subsided within five days. When the cow was brought back near the antenna, the symptoms returned.
The electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phone towers and cell phones can pose a threat to honey bees, a study published in India have concluded. An experiment conducted in the southern state of Kerala found that a sudden fall in the bee population was caused by towers installed across the state by cell phone companies to increase their network. The electromagnetic waves emitted by the towers crippled the "navigational skills" of the worker bees that go out to collect nectar from flowers to sustain bee colonies, said Dr. Sainuddin Pattazhy, who conducted the study, the Press Trust of India news agency reported. He found that when a cell phone was kept near a beehive, the worker bees were unable to return, leaving the hives with only the queens and eggs and resulting in the collapse of the colony within ten days.
According to a study done by Raman K R scientist who has done research on the subject, "There are two effects in such cases-thermal and non-thermal. A person will fall prey to a thermal effect due to radiation only if he is close to the tower." Being exposed to the thermal effect could cause fatigue, cataracts and reduced mental concentration. This largely occurs to the amount of heat that is generated due to radiation. Then there is the non-thermal effect, which affects people who are at a distance from the tower. The ill-effects of a non-thermal effect are cell membrane permeability. This, according to experts, is also caused due to the heat generated through radiation.
In my personal study also done on the basis of a two years’ survey done on the study group of 400 persons (including teenagers, pregnant ladies and senior citizens) from Meerut, Moradabad, Dehradun, Gazhiabad and Delhi. For this the population density residing in the radius of about 400-500 meters from the cell phone towers was chosen. All of these people were given a ready made questionnaire, seeking the details of the cell phone towers, whether the consent was taken from them and they were ever informed about the possible hazards of non ionizing radiations of radio frequency before the installation of cell phone towers, their over all health status or changes observed if any in recent times after the masts have come up in their vicinity.
After collecting, following up and analyzing the feedbacks gathered from the study group the following conclusions were inferred and discussed in the paper. (1).45% of the cell phone companies are installing their towers well above the specified radiation power levels recommended by ICNIRP. The specified radiation power level is 600 micro watts per sq. meter but companies are installing towers up to about twelve times above this limit. (2).Majority of the masts is not following the civil construction norms for earth quack proof installations. (3).39% people complained of loss of sound sleep, 10% developed insomnia, 24%  had reported  of suffering from headache, fatigue and general weakness, 31% were found of having unusual mood swing, mental disturbance and anxiety including students had noticed in the reduction of their mental concentration, 34% complained that they became more prone to seasonal diseases, developed respiratory problems and blurred vision, 13% mentioned of joint pain and 5% were found suffering from skin allergy and itching. It was also noticed in this study that most of the complaints noticed by the persons were found reduced remarkably or illuminated permanently when they moved away from the area of cell phone towers for more than two weeks or so and when they came back near the antenna, the symptoms again returned.


amphil said...

This blog entry is good, BUT the cell towers do not exceed ICNIRP guidance which is between 4000 and 10000 microwatts per square metre at cellphone frequencies. It is Salzburg, BioInitiative and a few other places that suggest we should enforce much lower levels. I believe that there is a big problem with living near masts - but they are not, currently, illegal.

Dr. Sirish said...

I agree completely. These towers are very harmful especially to children and pregnants. These should not be erected in residential areas.

Dr. Sirish

Rongman said...

T-mobile is planning to have a 3.1 acres in size, and a 50-foot tall wireless telecommunications facility disguised as a monopine outside my backyard. It was a empty filed before. I find it hard to beleive that the city approved it. It is totally in a residential areas. We will have a public hering on April 20, 2011. I am very frustrated on how to prevent it happens.
If anybody has ideas, please help.

City: Eastvale, CA 92880

Thank you.

Dr. M. Sirish said...

Yes You can. I successfully got rid of Vodafone's cellphone tower on my residential rooftop recently, this of course is in India. Please go through some of my posts and the material available on my blog
on the public health issues of cell towers. To begin with you may write a letter complaining about the ill-effects of cell towers on public health to your local county as well as T-mobile.

Rongman said...

Thank you Dr.Sirish. I am gather signatures from my neighbors and I am planing to send the letter to the city of mayor and planning director.

I am also think to let send the letter to TV stations. I don't know this is proper or not?

Please advise.
Thank you.

Dr. M. Sirish said...

You are doing absoltely the right thing, Dr. Tiwari. I think you should send this proposed letter to as many media organizations as you can, such as to the editors of your local dailies, FM stations, and TV stations in your city/county. As you know, in US media is very active in these matters and can mobilize the public opinion against the siting of these towers in no time. Way to go!!
Dr. Sirish

omair khan said...

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edward erick said...

Hey I my friends I tell you something can you give me answer. Radiation handphone also potentially cause cancer, brain tumors, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, fatigue (too tired), and headache. Although the results of research conducted by experts, some being menyabutkan, that mobile phone radiation can cause cancer and abnormalities. However, some have claimed that mobile phone radiation is not related to cancer. Regardless of what is right or wrong of course we should need to be alert and anticipate.
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Dr. M. Sirish said...

Check this out.
Here, the heat from the microwave radiation from mobile phones cooks popcorn. From the report on the 'Cell Phone Radiation Science Review,' the combined results from the brain tumor studies published thus far shows that among people who had used cell phones for more than 10 years, the risk of ipsilateral brain tumor increased by 90% for glioma
and 60% for acoustic neuroma. Some studies have also reported an increased risk of the benign brain tumor meningioma, although the risk appears to be smaller and thus much harder to detect. Authors of the study noted that the risk appears to be higher in rural areas where phones typically radiate at higher intensities to allow signals to reach distant transmission

adson stone said...

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Sweet Fairy said...

I am so confused some of the professors who has knowledge of radiations and rays rejected this, that mobile waves and radiations etc are not dangerous and cannot affect human body. cep telefonunun

admin said...

I totally agree. very informative blog thanks for sharing
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Jade Graham said...

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